Pericope: Scripture as written and read in antiquity

Volumes published (continued)

Volume 3

Marjo C.A. Korpel, Josef M. Oesch (eds),
Studies in Scriptural Unit Division,
Assen: Van Gorcum, 2002 (ISBN 90 232 3840 0).

Papers read at the second meeting of the Pericope Group, Rome, 6-9 August, 2001.

B. Becking, Petuhah and Setumah in Jeremiah 30-31 (1-45); J. Cook, Unit Delimitation in the Book of Proverbs in the Light of the Septuagint of Proverbs (46-65); W.M. de Bruin, Interpreting Delimiters: The Complexity of Text Delimitation in Four Major Septuagint Manuscripts (66-89); J.C. de Moor, The Structure of Micah 2:1-13: The Contribution of the Ancient Witnesses (90-120); T. Janz, A System of Unit Division from Byzantine Manuscripts of Ezra-Nehemiah (121-143); K.D. Jenner, W.Th. van Peursen, Unit Delimitation and the Text of Ben Sira (144-201); J.W. Olley, Paragraphing in the Greek text of Ezekiel in P967 (202-225); P. Sanders, The Colometric Layout of Psalms 1 to 14 in the Aleppo Codex (226-257); J.C. de Moor, Workshop on Unit Delimitation: Micah 4:14-5:8 (258-275); Index of Authors (276-278); Index of Texts (279-288).

Orders: Van Gorcum, The Netherlands (order Volume 3 from Van Gorcum) or Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake (order Volume 3 from Eisenbrauns).


Volume 4

Marjo C.A. Korpel, Josef M. Oesch (eds),
Unit Delimitation in Biblical Hebrew and Northwest Semitic Literature,
Assen: Van Gorcum, 2003 (ISBN 90 232 3978 4).

Papers read at the third meeting of the Pericope Group, Berlin, 21 July, 2002.

R. de Hoop, Genesis 49 Revisited: The Poetic Structure of Jacob's Testament and the Ancient Versions (1-32); R. de Hoop, `Trichotomy' in Masoretic Accentuation in Comparison with the Delimitation of Units in the Versions -- With Special Attention to the Introduction to Direct Speech (33-60); M.C.A. Korpel, The Priestly Blessing Revisited (Num. 6:22-27) (61-88); M.C.A. Korpel, Who Is Who? The Structure of Canticles 8:1-7 (89-120); I. Kottsieper, Zu graphischen Abschnittsmarkierungen in nordwestsemitischen Texten (121-161); J.M. Oesch, Skizze einer formalen Gliederungshermeneutik der Sifre Tora (162-203); J.W. Olley, Trajectories in Paragraphing of the Book of Ezekiel (204-231); G.T.M. Prinsloo, Unit Delimitation in the Egyptian Hallel (Psalms 113-118) (232-263); P. Sanders, Pausal Forms and the Delimitation of Cola in Biblical Hebrew Poetry (264-278); E. Ulrich, Impressions and Intuition: Sense Divisions in Ancient Manuscripts of Isaiah (279-307); Abbreviations (308); Index of Authors (309-312); Index of Texts (313-320).

Orders: Van Gorcum, the Netherlands (order Volume 4 from Van Gorcum) or Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake (order Volume 4 from Eisenbrauns).

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